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Jama Connect User Guide

Recover an archived review

A moderator or review administrator can recover a review that was archived.

Important considerations
  • When an archived review is recovered, the participant roles and contributions are unchanged. For example, if an approver signed and approved a review before it was archived or deleted, it remains the same after the review is recovered.

  • If items were edited after a review was archived or deleted, they don't appear in the recovered review until the moderator publishes a revised review.

  • You can recover an archived review from the review’s Actions column or from its blue status bar.

  1. To recover an archived review from the Actions column:

    1. From the header, select Reviews > Table.

    2. In the row with the review you want to recover, select the Reopen icon from the Actions column.

    3. In the window that opens under Select review status, use the drop-down menu to select "In progress,"  select a new end date and time, then select Save.

      Image shows Recover review, select review status, in progress, deadline, save or cancel.
  2. To recover an archived review from the review’s blue status bar:

    1. Open a review that was archived.

    2. From the header, select Recover.