Jama Connect User Guide

Add test cases to a plan

Once you have created test cases you can add them to a plan in groups. For example, you might group all the cases for a specific aspect of the product, test location or tester in the same group. You can use groups later to create a similar cycle of runs.

  1. Select the Tests tab in the left panel, and the name of the plan to which you want to add the cases. 

  2. In the upper right toolbar of the center panel, select Test cases for that plan.

  3. The right panel will appear showing an Explorer Tree for your project. In the center panel you can view (or create) groups for organizing your test cases.

  4. Select any component, set, or folder of test cases, or any individual test case from the tree on the right. You can also use the Releases, Filters or Search tabs to find the test cases you want to add. Drag it to an existing group to add cases to that group.

    Alternatively, grab test cases and drag to the dashed line box at the top of the center pane to create a new group. If you drag a component, set or folder that contains test cases, the hierarchy will be preserved. For example, if you drag this set of test cases to the top of the center panel:

    Image shows set labeled test case library with three folders labeled Feature 1, 2 and 3. Each feature folder contains one test case.

    ... it will result in the creation of these three groups:

    Image shows three groups labeled Feature 1, 2 and 3. Each group contains one test case.


You can only add a test case to one group in a test plan.