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Jama Connect User Guide

Find and manage test runs

By selecting Test runs in the toolbar, you can manage all the runs in the cycles for a plan.

  • For the plan you're using, select Test runs in the upper right toolbar.

  • Test runs are displayed in a configurable List View in the center panel. Select Views > Configure view in the upper right toolbar to make the fields you want to see visible.


    If you select Test Case as one of the visible columns, the Test Case column shows the ID in front of the name.

  • Select the column header to sort columns. Return them to their original order by selecting Restore order. For older data, a project reindex might be required to properly restore the order.


    The Test group column order is based on the hierarchy of groups. The names themselves can't be sorted in List View.

  • Use the drop-down menu next to Cycles to display the test runs for a cycle. 

  • To execute a run, select the blue circle at the left of each row, or right-click and select Execute test run.

  • You can also right-click on a test run and select Open test case to see the test case associated with this run or Assign test run to select an assignee.

  • Select Show only assigned to me in the upper left toolbar to filter the List View for test runs assigned only to you.

  • Select Export to export the test runs shown as a standard Word, Excel, or custom format document (Office Templates).


You can see and analyze test runs in Trace View if you view their associated test cases there.