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Jama Connect User Guide

Configure workflow

Workflows aren't project-specific. When you configure a workflow, it applies to the item type across projects.


You must have organization or process admin permissions to complete this task.

Important considerations

  • If the organization admin selects Allow project managers to override workflows on a project, the project admin for each project can set up the workflows.

  • If you disable a workflow, Jama Connect stores your settings for later use.

  • An organization admin can disable a workflow from the Workflow Administration section.

  • Selecting these Workflow options might impact system performance: Enable workflow for this organization and Allow project managers to override workflows on a project.

  • Workflow applies to all projects using the selected item type and can't be disabled at a project level.

To configure workflow:

  1. Select Admin > Organization, then select Workflow.

  2. Select options to enable workflow for all projects that use this item type:

    • Enable workflow for this organization.

    • Allow project managers to override workflows on a project.

  3. Under Workflow Administration:

    • To start a new workflow, select Add/Edit.

    • To edit a workflow, select Config in the Action column.


From here, a project admin can continue to set up the project workflow.