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Jama Connect User Guide

Edit user subscriptions

Users can subscribe to and control their own email notifications. However, if a user's subscriptions were added by someone other than the user, only an admin can change the subscriptions.

Organization admins can unsubscribe a user; project admins can only mute a user's subscriptions.


You must have organization or project admin permissions to complete this task. 

To edit a user's subscriptions:

  1. Select Admin > Organization, then select Users.

  2. Select Subscriptions in a user row to open the Edit subscriptions window.

  3. Select a user from the left column to display their current subscriptions in the right column.  

    • To remove a single subscription, select Unsubscribe in the Action column.s

    • To remove multiple subscriptions for a user, select the subscriptions in the Notifications column, then select Unsubscribe selected in the top right corner.

  4. To edit a group subscription, select Admin > Organization > User groups > Subscriptions.