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Jama Connect User Guide

Manage project-level groups

Project-level groups are useful when you are fine-tuning permissions or creating email lists.


You must have project admin permissions to complete this task.

As a project admin, you can manage groups of users that already have access to a project. You can edit the group name, description, and members, as well as edit the group's subscriptions. You can also delete the group.

Important considerations
  • Project admins can manage only project-level groups. Only an organization admin can add, delete or edit groups at the organization level.

To Manage project-level groups:

  1. Select Admin > Project, then select Groups

  2. To create a new group:

    1. Select Add Group in the top right toolbar.

    2. In the window that opens, give the group a name and description, select users for the group, then select Save.

  3. To edit or delete an existing group, use In the window that opens, then select the buttons in the Actions column of the group you want to edit.