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Jama Connect User Guide

Export Velocity reports to Excel

As a root user, you can configure settings that allow users to export a Velocity report to Excel in XLSX format. This option lets users export directly to Excel rather than using the legacy XLS format.

Important considerations
  • This option is available only for Velocity reports.

  • You must configure this option for each report.

To enable the Velocity report option:

  1. Log in to Jama Connect as root user.

  2. Select Reports > Add Report.

  3. In the Add/Edit Report window, enter the following information:

    • Report Name — Enter a name

    • Report Type — Velocity

    • Report Format — Microsoft Excel

    • Excel Format — XSLX format

  4. Select Save.

When a user runs a report, they can now see the Excel format type when they hover over the "Select a format" icons.

XLSX format example
XLS format example

From the Jama Connect header, select Reports to view the Reports history section. You can see the XLS and XLSX format options and if a report type is Velocity. For more information, see View and download Reports history.