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Jama Connect User Guide

Managing category access to projects

Organization admins can configure a category’s visibility to hide or show one, many, or all projects.

Important considerations
  • When an item is deleted and restored, associated categories are not restored.

  • If a project is archived and restored later, associated categories are not restored.

Category access types

Unassigned access: Not visible in projects.


Project access: Visible in one or more projects.


Global access: Visible in all organization projects.

As projects are added to the organization, visibility is applied automatically.

Unassigned categories — Unassigned categories are not visible in any of the organization's projects. This includes project views, List View, Reading View, Single Item View, tree views, and the Manage categories window. When new categories are added, users don't have access by default, so that the organization admin can configure new categories without disrupting existing work or revealing categories to the entire organization.

Project access — Project access categories can only be seen and used in specific projects set by the organization admin. The organization admin manages access and makes any necessary changes.

Global access — Global access gives all projects the visibility to a category. Select Global access to enable or disable this option at any time. When enabled, all active organization projects can see that category. The Manage access option is disabled because all projects are set to Visible.


If the user disables Global access, the category is converted to a Project access category and the visible projects are still accessible. The user can choose to manage access and make any necessary changes.