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Jama Connect User Guide

Insert image to rich text fields

The rich text editor lets you add an image to an item field. The editor provides multiple methods for adding an image.

Cloud customers need to contact Support before they can use this option.

To insert an image:

  1. Add an image using one of these rich text methods:

    • Toolbar option: Add image


      Provide the full path to the image file to comply with third-party converters for PDF and Word. If you move Jama Connect to a new server or modify the server name, edit your image files to match the path or name change.

    • Copy and paste (not available with Internet Explorer 10)

    • Drag and drop

    • Browse the server (select Add image from the server)

  2. (Optional) Resize or move the image as needed.

    A system admin or organization admin can define a maximum height and width setting for an inserted image.

  3. If an inserted image is too large to be displayed, select Expand to view the image in full size.