Jama Connect User Guide

Insert rich text images

You can add images with the rich text editor using one of these methods. 

  1. Upload an image into the editor

    Click Add image in the toolbar to open a window. Browse for a file, then select Open.


    Provide the full path to the image file to comply with third-party converters for PDF and Word. If you move Jama Connect to a new server location or modify the server name, edit your image files to match the path or name changes.

  2. Upload an image using copy and paste

    Copy an image. Place your cursor in the rich text field and use Ctrl+V.


    This functionality isn't available with Internet Explorer 10.

  3. Drag and drop an image

    You can drag an image from your desktop and drop it into the rich text editor.

  4. Browse the server for images.

    Select Add image from the server to open a new browser tab and see the list of images previously loaded onto the Jama Connect application server. Choose an image from the list and click Select to insert the image.

Once the image is inserted into the editor, it can be resized by grabbing and dragging the bottom right corner. The image can be moved by hovering over the top left corner, grabbing the handle, and dragging the image to its new location. A maximum height and width setting can be applied by a system or organization administrator in organization detail.

If the image is too large to be displayed, users see an Expand button. Select Expand to view the image in full size.



A system administrator can manage file types for self-hosted customers.