Jama Connect User Guide

Use the rich text editor

Use rich text fields to format text and embed other data, like images and tables, in item fields. An organization administrator can enable the rich text editor for item type fields.

With rich text fields you can use text formatting, hyperlinks, images, tables, spellchecker (English), templates, diagrams, graphs and equations


The equation editor requires additional licensing. Contact your Jama Software account manager for more information.


Many third-party reporting tools cannot display rich text (HTML) properly. Additionally, each rich text section may have its own style, making it difficult to control the overall look and feel of your report. 

Integrations with third-party applications also may not be able to accept rich text (HTML) data.

You may wish to disable the rich text editor in these cases, or if you want to tightly control the data entered in these fields.


Whenever a rich text item is saved, the Jama Connect application deletes certain text (usually code such as javascript) that could be a security risk. This will not affect the vast majority of data.

If a field is enabled with rich text, you will see the rich text menu. Use the menu for rich text controls. Hit Enter to start a new paragraph.

Rich text controls are similar to text editing options found in many software applications. You can also use keyboard shortcuts with the rich text editor.

  1. Text style and size. These styles can be correlated to Word styles for stylized exports. 

  2. Cut, copy and paste

    • Cut: Remove the selected text to your clipboard.

    • Copy: Copy the selected text to your clipboard.

    • Paste as plain text: Pastes the selected text without rich text formatting.


    You can also right-click or control + click inside the text field to pull up the editor context menu to complete these actions.

  3. Field view

    • Insert document templates: Organization administrators can configure these templates.

    • View source code: You can add HTML elements to create custom styling, but be aware that not all styling may be supported in other areas of Jama Connect, like reports. 

    • Fullscreen mode: Select to maximize the field.

  4. Format text

    • Bold

    • Italics

    • Underline

    • Strikethrough

    • Text color

    • Highlight color

    • Clear formatting

      You can convert any text to the default style and size. This can be helpful for copying and pasting text from external sources.

  5. Script

    • Subscript: Any text highlighted when this button is selected will become a subscript.

    • Superscript: Any text highlighted when this button is selected will become a superscript.

  6. Text alignment

  7. List formatting

    • Numbered list

    • Bulleted list

    • Offset left

    • Offset right

  8. Edit text

    • Undo

    • Redo

    • Find

    • Replace

  9. Insert links

    Highlight any text and use this control to add a hyperlink to that text.

  10. Special tools

  11. Equations editor

    • Math editor

    • Chemistry editor

  12. The spell-checker will automatically underline misspelled words in red. Cmd + right-click on the word to view browser and operating system spelling suggestions.