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Jama Connect User Guide

Find content

The content you want to find might be anywhere in your project. For example, you might want to look at the requirements or test plans.

Jama Connect gives you many ways to directly access the items you need:

  • Search — Look through an index of your item type fields, as well as text within a Word document, a PDF document, or text attachments, to bring up a list of items.

    Use the search bar in the header to help you find the topic you're looking for.

  • Filter — Limit the results of a search by content such as author, keyword, date, or coverage. You can also filter stream comments, review comments, reviews, review items, Trace View items, and project items. To open the filter panel, select Filter items at the top of the center panel in List View or Reading View.

  • Advanced filters — Save a set of rules or conditions for later use and share that filter with other users.

  • Quick find — If you don't remember where to find something in the application, use the quick find topic in this guide.