Jama Connect User Guide

Advanced filters

With advanced filters you can save a set of rules or conditions for later use and share that filter with other users.

Add or edit advanced filters, bookmark them, or use them to filter the Explorer Tree or send items for review.

Rules and conditions

  • Each rule is matched to a specific item type or all item types having specified conditions.

  • A condition describes specific attributes of an item (fields of an item type, tags, relationships, location, keyword, or if the item has children).

  • Each rule can contain any number of these conditions.

  • The rule can be set to return items that follow any one of the conditions, all of the conditions, or none of the conditions (which acts as the inverse of "any").

Finding advanced filters

In the left panel next to the Explorer Tree tab, select Filters.



You can delete a filter when you no longer need it. Before you do, make sure the filter isn’t shared. If you delete a shared filter, even if you're not the creator, it's deleted for everyone.