Jama Connect User Guide

What is a baseline source?

A source is a container that holds all the baselines for a specific group of items.

When you add a baseline for a new group of items, the source is created automatically. Whenever you add the baseline — from a project, set, folder, filter, release, or individual items — the source is created in the tree and contains the new baseline. A source can't exist without a baseline.

If a source already exists when a new baseline is created for the same set of items, the baseline is added to that source. Otherwise, a new source is created and added to the top of the tree.

Key to the baseline tree

Image shows baselines tab selected with a list of baseline sources.
  • Green database icon — Source

  • White box wrapped in gray — Baseline

  • Individual Items — Default source name when multiple items are selected at the time the baseline is created.

  • B1-04/27/2020 — Example of default baseline name (baseline number and date it was created). Baseline name is editable as needed.

Tips and more

  • If you create a baseline from a container, filter, release, or review, the source and its initial baseline are created. If you use the same source the next time you create a baseline, that second baseline added to the source under the first baseline.

  • If you create a new baseline from a set and add another single item to it from another set, a source labeled "Individual Items" is created.

  • Deleting a baseline source deletes all the baselines it contains.