Jama Connect User Guide


A baseline in Jama Connect is a snapshot of your project at a point in time. The current version of selected items — and their relationships — are forever associated with that baseline. A baseline also captures the state of the selected items, like Draft, Reviewed, and Approved.

Important considerations

  • When you add a relationship to a baseline, the version doesn't change.

  • Relationships do not change if you replace it with a baseline.

    For example, if you have two relationships at the time of baseline version one, make a change to version two, add a relationship to version three and replace it with a baseline, you still have three relationships.

  • If you click Revert to Baseline, all content is switched back to the content that was versioned at the time it was baselined.

What you need to create a baseline

Versioning must first be enabled to create a baseline. Once versioning is enabled, a baseline is created:

Why are baselines important?

By creating a baseline at each project milestone, you can view the status of your project at those key points in the lifecycle. You can also see which items are related in the baseline list and reading views.

What can I do with a baseline?