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Jama Connect User Guide

Add a new related item

You can add a new item and relate it to one or more items at the same time.

  1. View the items to be related in List View, Trace View, or Reading View.

  2. Select the items where you want to add related items. All selected items must be the same item type.

  3. From the side toolbar, select Add > Add related. From the drop-down menu, select the item type for the upstream or downstream items you want to add. The drop-down menu lists only item types allowed by relationship rules.

    When a rule is applied, it dictates the direction and relationship type for the item you want to relate.

  4. If a rule is not applied — In the Relationship settings window, select the direction and relationship type for the item you want to relate, then click Create relationship.

    • Direction — Upstream or downstream.

    • Relationship Type — Must be configured by an organization administrator.

      Common examples include: related to, dependent on, derived from, validated by, verified by, or mitigated by.

  5. In the Add Item window, enter a name, description, and other details as needed, then click Save

  6. In the Select Location window, choose where to save this item, then click Select & Close.

    Locations that aren't permitted appear in light gray. You might need to expand folders, sets, or components to find the location you want.

  7. If you selected Notify in the Add Item window, enter the comment, select groups or users to notify, then click Commit.


A pop-up window appears with this message: "Success <item name> has been updated/created."