Jama Connect User Guide

Add a relationship from Single Item View

Creating a relationship establishes a directional link between two items. The related items can exist in the same set or project, or in completely different projects.

  1. Select Relationships in the side toolbar, then select Relate Items in the bottom panel.

  2. This opens the side panel where you can select the items that you want to relate. Recently viewed items is the default view, but you can also choose the Explorer Tree, Releases , or Search tab to find the items you want to relate. Double-click on the item, or select the item you want to relate and select Relate.


    If you don't have rights to a linked related item, you can still see the related item’s name, project, and relationship attributes. However, you can't preview, open, or edit the item if you don't have permission.


    If relationship rules were applied to the project, only items that meet the rule's criteria appear in the right panel. You can only create a relationship with item types that meet the applied relationship rules. Select Show relationship diagram at the top of the right panel to display the rules that are associated to this project.

  3. A relationship is added to the selected item in the direction defined by the rules and is immediately visible in the bottom panel. If the new relationship isn't defined in the rules, you are prompted to define the relationship direction and type.  



    If you have multiple relationships to define between the same item types, you can select Don't ask again. During your session, all relationships between these item types are automatically set up the same way.