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Jama Connect User Guide

Clear suspect links

Suspect links appear on an item when changes were made to upstream items, meaning the item might no longer be correct or complete. For example, if a requirement changes, the downstream verification might no longer correctly verify the requirement as-is. The change to the requirement causes a suspect relationship to the verification item.

Only updates to certain fields trigger suspect links. These fields are determined by the organization admin, who configures item types.

Suspect links also cause the relationship status indicator to be red when you view items in List View or Single Item View.

If you determine that a suspect link has no impact or if you make the necessary changes, you can manually clear the suspect link.

To clear suspect links:

  1. Open all suspect links for the project or for a single item.

  2. Select Clear (one link) or Clear All (all visible items).


    Image of bottom panel in Single Item View that shows Clear button