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Jama Connect User Guide

View participant progress

As a review progresses, you can view statistics about the participants' progress. This information is unique to the current version of the review.

In separate tabs, you can see item progress for this version, or review activity across versions.

  1. From the review with stats you want to view, select Stats.

    Image shows pull down with review, stats and feedback as options
  2. Under the Participant progress tab, you can see a panel with participant details and links to email participants.

    Next to that, bar charts show overall progress for the review for approvers and reviewers who have finished the review. For approvers the chart shows how many items they marked approved or rejected. For other reviewers it shows how many items are marked read. Reviewers' time spent.

    Below that, each participant is listed with their review role, signer role, signature information, comment count, time spent shown in hours:minutes, and a progress bar showing their completion level.

    Image shows participant progress tab with participant details, bar charts for approver and reviewer progress and a table with information about each participant.


    Time is logged if a tab with the review is left open by a reviewer.