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Jama Connect User Guide

Test case status

Test case status is an automatically calculated status that indicates the state of the last edited test run associated with that test case.

By default, this status is calculated using all available test runs associated with the test case, including runs that aren't scheduled. An organization administrator can disable this option so that unexecuted runs aren't included in the calculation.

The status is calculated in one of these methods:

  • If the test case is used in only one test plan, the latest status is reported on the test case.

  • If the test case is used in multiple test plans, test case status shows the most urgent test run status based on the following hierarchy, regardless of when it ran: Not Scheduled, Failed, Blocked, Scheduled, Passed.


The status is visible in Single Item View of each test case.


Because test case status is automatically calculated, it can't be manually updated when editing a test case.


If a test case is used in multiple plans and it's picking up the status of a plan that's no longer relevant, one option is to archive that plan. Doing so removes that plan's test run statuses from the test case status calculation.

You can also use archiving to trigger a recalculation of all test cases in a plan. When a user archives and then un-archives the test plan, this results in a re-calculation of the status for all test cases in that plan. This can be useful if you change the admin setting to include unexecuted test runs (which isn't retroactive) and want to recalculate test case status with the new setting.