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Jama Connect User Guide


A role is a set of permissions that allows a user to perform specific functions. Each permission type defines the functions it allows.

An admin grants permissions by role to an individual or to a group.


Permission roles are different from other types of roles such as review roles and Signer roles.

Types of roles



Organization admin 

Controls all aspects of configuring Jama Connect, its users, and its groups.

User admin

Manages licenses, users, and groups; can see all users and organization groups in the system.

Process admin

Configures content and connections within Jama Connect; controls item types, pick lists, relationship rules, Review Center, and workflow; delegates these responsibilities to appropriate users and groups.

Project admin

Focuses on permissions, project groups, and workflow customization.

Add Project

Allows a user to create a new project or duplicate an existing project where that user is project admin.

Review admin 

Has access to a review's content when the review is public. A review admin is also a reviewer, approver, or moderator in the review. Permissions must be assigned by an organization admin.

Reuse admin 

Manages reuse. Requires read access to the synchronized items they are working with, and write permissions to edit, synchronize, reuse, or duplicate those items.

User admin limitations
  • Can set permissions only for groups/users on projects where they are project admin.

  • Can manage organization group membership only for groups where they are a member.

  • Can't make changes or additions to users or groups that have been assigned to organization or process admins except for activation/deactivation and license management.

  • Can manage only members of a group where they are also a member. This restriction ensures they don't unintentionally provide or remove access to unknown or existing projects.


Users must have the license type that allows for the permissions granted with each role.