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Jama Connect User Guide

Use workflow to batch transition items

With batch transitions, you can select multiple items of the same item type and transition them to a different workflow status.


All items that you transition must be in the same state. For example, you might batch transition all "In Progress" items to a "Complete" status, but you can't select both "In Progress" and "Proposed" items for batch transition.

To use workflow to batch transition items:

  1. Select the project, folder, or set that contains the items you want to transition and view them in List View. Select the items you want to transition, then select Actions > Batch transition

  2. In the Batch Transition Workflow window, confirm your item selection, choose the status, add a comment, then select Commit.


    Your comment appears in the version history of the item and as an activity in the stream.

    A batch transition is the only way to add a version or notification comment.


  3. The status change is shown for each item you transitioned.