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Jama Connect User Guide

Add a set

A set is a structural container item with configurable access rights, used to group items of the same type. It can also contain folders, text items, child text items, and child items of the same type.

A set contains items of the same type. You can move or copy between sets of the same item type.

Item types for a set are configured by an organization administrator.

To add a set:

  1. Open the Add Item window using one of these methods:

    • Wherever you want to add a set in the Explorer Tree, right-click on the project name and select Add > New item > Set of..., then select the item type from the list.

    • From the top of the left panel, select Add > Set of..., then select the item type from the list.

  2. In the Add Item window:

    1. Edit the set key, name, and description of the set.

    2. (Optional) Select Notify to select users or groups you want to notify about the creation of this set.

    3. (Optional) Select Add Another, then select the location for the new set.

    4. (Optional) Use the Select Location window to choose where to put the new set.

      This option appears only if you created the set from the Add drop-down menu.

      Invalid locations are disabled.

  3. Click Save and Close.