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Jama Connect User Guide

Edit an item

You can edit a saved item any time you need to add or change its information.

Single Item View automatically displays items in a read-only format.

Important considerations
  • You must have create/edit permissions to edit an item.

  • A field must be enabled for read/write permissions.

  • If a field is disabled for editing, it might have been configured to be read-only by an organization admin, locked by another user, or locked through a workflow.

To edit an item:

  1. Select the field you want to edit, using one of these methods:

    • Select the field.

    • Hover over the field and select the pencil icon to make it editable.

    • Select Edit from the toolbar.

  2. Edit the item field, as needed.

  3. When you're done editing, select an option:

    • Save & done.

    • To save and add another item of the same type, select the arrow on the middle button, then select Save & add another.

    • To save and notify other Jama Connect users, select the arrow on the middle button, then select Save & notify.


    To add a version comment when you save the item, see Version Comments.

  4. Select Save Changes to complete the edit and create a new version of the item.

A confirmation message confirms that the item was successfully changed.