Jama Connect User Guide

Edit items

Single Item View automatically displays items in a read-only format.

  1. Double-click on the field you want to edit.

    You can also hover over the field and select the pencil icon at the top left corner of the field to make all fields editable.


    You can also select Edit item from the toolbar to open a separate Edit item window.



    If you don't see the pencil icon or the Edit item button, you do not have create/edit permissions.

  2. Make changes to the item fields. 


    If a field is disabled for editing, an organization administrator might have configured the field to be read-only.

  3. Select Save to intermittently save the updates but keep the editing view open.

  4. Once you're done editing, select Save and done.

    • To save and add another item of the same type, select the arrow on the middle button and select Save and add another.

    • To save and notify other Jama Connect users, select the arrow on the middle button and select Save and notify.

  5. If you selected Save and notify, Jama Connect prompts you for comments and provides a list of groups and users to notify about the update. Users who are subscribed to the item appear in the Notify window. The X icon removes users from the notification list. Users who are already subscribed can't be unsubscribed from this view.

  6. To subscribe the user or group for future updates to this item, select the envelope icon.

  7. Select Commit to complete the edit and create a new version.