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Jama Connect User Guide

Quick-add an item

The Quick-add option lets you add multiple items at a time to a set of the same item type.

You can add up to 50 items at once.

Important considerations
  • The Name field is required.

  • The Description field is required or read-only based on how the item type is configured.

  • To add required fields, edit the item after you create it.

To quick-add an item:

  1. In your project, select Add > Quick add.

    If you don’t see the Quick add option, then the item you’re adding doesn’t match the item type in that set.

  2. Enter the required name for the item (255 characters maximum) and an optional description (500 characters maximum).

  3. Click Add Row to include additional rows as needed, for a maximum of 50 rows (items). Include a name and optional description for each added item.

    Use the tab key to move across the table.

  4. Click Save.

    The new items appear in the Explorer Tree.

  5. To add required fields to a new item, select the item to open and edit it.