Jama Connect User Guide

Add an item

You can an add an item to a project from several places in Jama Connect.


You can't add items in filters or in lists of mixed item types.


To add an item to your project:

  1. Open the Add item window using one of these methods.

    • Right-click the project name — In the Explorer Tree (or wherever in that project you want to add an item), right-click the project name, select Add > New item, then select an item type from the list that appears.

      The list includes only item types that are valid for that location.

    • Add drop-down list — In the project where you want to add the item, select Add at the top of the left panel, then choose the item type you want to add.

    • Toolbar — From the toolbar above Single Item View,  List View, or Reading View, select Add, then choose the item type you want to add.


      In List View, if the list contains items of a single item type and no items are selected, you can add an item of the same type, a text item, or a set to the bottom of the list.

      If an item is selected, use one of these options.

      • Insert new to insert a new item below the selected item or add a child item.

      • Add Item Type as child to add an item as a child item of the selected item.

      • Add related to add a related item to the selected item. If a relationship rule was applied to that project, only item types that meet the rules are available for that selection. 

      • Quick add add items in a set of the same item type.

  2. In the Add item window, fill in the fields for that item type.

  3. Save the new item by selecting Save or Save and close.

  4. If you didn't select a location in step 1, the Select Location window opens for you to select the location where you want to add the new item. Invalid locations are disabled. Click Select & Close

  5. (Optional) In the Add item window, select Notify to add a notification comment and select users or groups you want to notify about the creation of this item.  


    These comments are included in the version notes for the item and are displayed in the stream.

  6. Select Commit.