Jama Connect User Guide

Insert rich text equations


The MathType Equations Editor requires a separate license. Contact your Jama Connect administrator or sales representative to inquire about purchasing this license.

For self-hosted customers with a license, the system administrator can enable the equations editor.

With this editor, you can create complex equations and edit them in Jama Connect. These are converted into images for safe storage and export, but are always editable when you have a MathType license.

  1. To open the editor, select the Math Editor icon or the Chemistry Editor icon. To edit an existing equation in your item, you can either:

    • Select the equation to highlight it, then select the Math Editor icon (for math equations) or Chemistry Editor icon (for chemistry formulas).

    • Double-click on the equation to open the correct equations editor.

  2. For more information about how to create mathematical equations or chemistry formulas, see the MathType User Guide.