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Jama Connect User Guide

Compare baselines in Baseline source List View

A baseline source is generated when you create a baseline or review. To see all baselines associated with that source in List View, select the baseline source.

An in-app comparison summary provides a high-level overview of baseline changes and lets you run the baseline comparison report. This feature displays detailed information about the baseline, such as the number of items, Baseline ID, Baseline signatures, Baseline status, and Baseline type.

To compare baselines:

  1. Select the Baselines tab in the Explorer Tree, then select the baseline source with the baselines you want to compare.

  2. In List View, select the two baselines you want to compare, then click Compare.


    The Compare baselines window opens.

  3. Review the Baselines comparison summary, then click Export detailed report.


    A pop-up message notifies you when the report is ready.

  4. In the message, select View reports history page.

  5. From the Reports history page, select the report, then click Download.

  6. From the Downloads section of your browser, select the report to open it.