Jama Connect User Guide

Import test cases

You can import multiple test cases and their corresponding test steps by importing them from a spreadsheet. Use one-way import to quickly bring legacy test cases into Jama Connect.

You can also use a round-trip import so you can work with content outside of Jama Connect and bring changes back in safely. 


Although you can import test cases using Microsoft Word, you can only map the Name and Description fields, not the individual steps. Instead, use Excel for test case imports.

When importing test cases:

  • Your Excel spreadsheet must contain the following column headers: Test case name, Action, Expected results, and Notes.

  • Add columns to represent additional fields as part of the import, which is consistent with how other imports to Excel work.

  • Each row with the same test case name imports as a new test step for that case.

  • You can't use a round-trip to edit the test case status because that field is automatically calculated from test run statuses.

  • To add a test step in Excel, copy a pre-existing row and insert that row where you want it. Change the content of the cells as needed to create the new step. The numbering of the steps appears off but re-numbers on import.

  • To remove a step in Excel, delete a row anywhere in the sequence of steps. Re-numbering takes effect upon import.