Jama Connect User Guide

Configure custom fields to appear during test execution

Custom fields added to the Test Run item type appear in the Test Execution window during testing. Similar to the Actual Results field, these custom fields can be filled in during test execution.

Supported custom field types

Other custom field types don't appear on the test run execution panel.

  • Date

  • Flag (boolean)

  • Integer

  • Multi-select

  • Picklist

  • Text box (plain text)

  • Text box (rich text)

    Note: You can use Editor Templates in custom rich text fields. To export the Editor Template information for a Test Run item: From Single Item View, select Export > View all export options > All Item Details, then click Run.

  • Text field

  • URL

  1. Click Admin > Item Types >Test Runs, then select Fields.

  2. Select Add field to add field types, then click Save.

    On the next test run, the custom fields are displayed and can be edited.

Example: Add a test field to capture the serial number for a product being tested during that test run's execution.