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Jama Connect User Guide


A field holds a basic unit of data in an item type.

Fields contain values. In List View, each column represents a different field. Individual users can configure which fields they see. For more information, see Configure Compare View for synchronized items and Configure fields.

An organization admin can add new fields to an item type and configure the behavior for those fields.

Jama Connect includes these types of fields:

Field type


Created by...

Predefined fields

Fields that are indexed and can be searched without using the database field name.

Organization admin

Custom fields

Fields that are similar to predefined fields, or can be multi-select fields, URL fields, calculated, rollup, and item of type fields.

Organization admin

System fields

Fields that are necessary for system functionality and can't be removed from an item. For example, Name, test steps, test case status, and review status.

Automatically generated


Predefined fields are similar to custom fields. If you plan on doing a lot of reporting with your data, predefined fields simplify the document type's underlying schema and make it easier to use those fields in reporting.