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Jama Connect User Guide

Add and edit test steps

Test steps are plain text by default. When an organization administrator enables rich text in test steps, you can edit with rich text by selecting the pencil icon or double-clicking on the Steps field. Selecting Edit in the toolbar only allows plain text or html edits.

You can't edit test steps when editing a test run.

  1. View details of the test case where you want to add steps, or create a new test case.

  2. Select Edit in the toolbar, the pencil icon next to the field, or double-click in the field to make it editable. In the steps field, select Add step.

  3. Enter text in the ActionExpected result, and Notes fields, if you want. You can use the Tab key to move between fields. Use the rich text editor to format text or to add images in the steps.

  4. Use the up and down arrows to re-order the steps. You can also grab the handle by the row number to drag it to the right position.

  5. Use the insert icon to insert a step. Delete a step with the trash can icon.

  6. Select Save to include the test steps in the test case.