Jama Connect User Guide

Duplicate items

You can duplicate items in Jama Connect using these methods.

  1. Duplicate items — Create a copy of the item's name, description, test steps (if applicable), and the ability to choose to include tags, attachments, and links. You can duplicate items that are locked.

  2. Reuse items — Creates a copy of an item, but with more options. With this method you can reuse multiple items, reuse items with children, duplicate more of the item's content, or duplicate an item from another project.


You must have read/write permissions to duplicate an item.

To duplicate an item:

  1. Right-click on the item you want to duplicate and select Duplicate item from the menu.

  2. In the Duplicate item window, indicate whether you want to duplicate tags, attachments, or links.

  3. Press Enter or select Duplicate.


    According to the item type, preferences you select in the pop-up window are saved across sessions. However, clearing your browser data restores default options. When specific attributes (as in links) aren't enabled for an item type, the option doesn't appear in the pop-up window.

    You're directed to the Single Item View of the duplicated item.