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Jama Connect User Guide

Delete an item

When you delete items, they aren't physically deleted. They are marked as inactive and are no longer visible to users or reports. If needed, they can be re-activated through the database.

Anyone with read/write permissions for an item can delete it, unless an organization administrator has made the option unavailable.

Important considerations
  • You can delete an item only if it is unlocked.

  • Deleted items show up in the activity stream. The activity entry is also the only method of restoring a deleted item for those with delete permissions.

  • In most cases, nothing is deleted from the Jama Connect database. Even if you delete another user, item, or something else in the system, a record is maintained and the deleted object is merely de-activated on the front end. However, you can permanently delete the selected project and everything under it from the database.

To delete an item:

  1. To delete in Single Item View, choose an item and select Delete.

  2. To delete in List View, Reading View, or Document View, choose one or more items and select Delete.

  3. To delete in the Explorer Tree, right-click on an item and select Delete.