Jama Connect User Guide

Change requests

Change requests are items that call for a change to a particular product or system. 

Change requests do not entail any sort of automated process; they are simply a way to track requested change. When an item type is activated as a change request, you can add new change requests and associate them with other items

With change requests you can:

  • Use Impact Analysis to determine if and how your change requests will affect other items, and create direct relationships between affected items and the change request.

  • Create a change request filter so you can quickly reference, baseline and review all items related to a change request.

  • Use baselines or reuse to create a point-in-time snapshot of requirements. This way if a change request is not approved, all edits and proposed changes can be rolled back.

  • Send a change request to review to gather feedback from stakeholders and determine if the change request is approved or rejected.