Jama Connect User Guide

Office Templates

Microsoft Office Templates are Word documents and Excel spreadsheets that allow you to add formatting to your exports.

Office Templates are best for simple exporting with Word and Excel using data that you select in the Explorer Tree or with an advanced filter.

Select Export > Office Templates to open the Office Templates window.

Office templates is the third option in the Export menu

The Office Templates window shows several default templates that come with Jama Connect. You can download one of the existing templates and modify it, or create your own template in Word and upload it. Select the star next to a template to move it to your favorites at the top of the list.

For self-hosted customers, an administrator can also upload Velocity templates and they are also displayed here.

Left nav shows favorites marked with a star at the top, with a list of other reports below.


The All Items Details Export, and the Coverage Export are made with Velocity and can't be downloaded and modified with Microsoft Word.

Each Office Template has three sections:

  • Cover page This section contains general information about the export, and the data it references. Some fields typically included in this area are:

    <<reportName>> - shows the Report Name entered in the Office Templates window 
    <<reportDescription>> - shows the Report Description entered in the Office Templates window 
    <<contextType>> - shows the type of content being used (e.g. release, component, filter, folder, item etc) 
    <<contextName>> - immediate context for the data being used (e.g. container name, like "Requirements") 
    <<userName>> - name of the user generating the report 
    <<projectName>> - name of the project 
    <<projectManager>> - project administrator 
    <<organizationName>> - name of the organization 
    <<contextPath>> - hierarchical path from the content to the project level
  • Table of contents

    This is automatically generated using Word's heading hierarchy. You can delete this by editing the template to remove this section.

  • Items and fields

    This section contains the items and their respective fields from the selected data set. This section can be modified.


For a list of fields available for export in your current project, you can download the Field Reference Guide

If you need to roll up field data or do something more complex than simply export formatted data from Jama Connect, read about reports or custom reports.