Jama Connect User Guide

Add images to test steps

Test steps are plain text by default. An organization administrator can enable rich text for basic formatting and embedded images.

To add an image:

  1. Edit a test case.


    You must save a test case first before adding images to test step fields.

  2. Select Edit in the toolbar, the pencil icon next to the field, or double-click in the field to make it editable. Place your cursor in the step where you want to add the image. 

  3. Select the add image icon, then select the image from your browser. You can also select the file folder icon, then select the image from those already saved onto the application server as attachments.

    Image shows rich text editor in test steps field with image button highlighted.
  4. Large images are resized automatically to fit the width of the cell. To view the full-sized image, navigate to the image location by right-clicking on the image.