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Jama Connect User Guide

Deleting sources and baselines

Delete a source or baseline if it was created by mistake or you no longer need it.

Important considerations
  • Deleting a source deletes all the baselines it contains.

  • The option to delete a baseline or source that contains a baseline is only enabled for baselines that are not yet electronically signed. However, deleting a project deletes all project content, including baselines and signatures.


You must have project or organization admin permissions to delete sources and baselines.

To delete a source:

  • Select the source you want to delete, then select Delete source and baselines.


To delete a baseline:

Delete a baseline from the project using one of these methods.

  • Select the baseline, then select Delete (trash icon) in the top right.

  • Select the baseline name, then select Delete.

Quick tips
  • Undo — If you change your mind after deleting a source or baseline, you can select Undo in the success notice.

  • Restore — You can restore a deleted baseline or source by finding the deletion activity in the projects activity stream and selecting Restore. If you deleted a source that contains multiple baselines, you can restore individual baselines or the source and all its baselines. When you restore a baseline or source, this event appears in the baseline activity stream.

  • Limitations — You can't edit or delete a baseline that is electronically signed. You also can't delete a source if it contains an electronically signed baseline.