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Jama Connect User Guide

Use Compare with current to see baseline changes

The Compare with current option allows you to compare baselines and see if an item changed since the last baseline, and what those changes were. Use this feature to compare a baselined version with all versions up to the most current.

You can use any of these methods to compare baselines:
  • Select the Baselines tab in the Explorer Tree, then select the baseline you want to view.

  • In List View, select the gear icon (Show/Hide) to open the drop-down menu, then select Current version and Version to display those columns.

  • To preview an item, select the row, then select Preview item.

    A panel displays the information for the version you selected.

    From the Version drop-down menu, select most current or baselined to view the full details.

  • To compare a baselined item with the current version side-by-side, select the row for that item, then select Compare with current in the top right.

  • To compare the version you baselined with all versions up to the most current:,

  • View baseline reports to show changes over time: