Jama Connect User Guide

Compare synchronized items
  1. Open the Synced items window, then select an item or container in the Explorer Tree.

  2. The selected item or component is displayed with a sync status that lets you know whether that item is in sync or out of sync.  If it's out of sync, select it to open a Detailed Comparison View of those differences.

  3. To view the differences at an item level, select Compare.

  4. You see a list of all synchronized items in that component. Use the links at the top to filter items within a component. Use your mouse to scroll left or right so you can compare fields. Click Configure View to configure which fields are displayed. Yellow highlights indicate synchronized items with content that doesn't match.



    If an organization administrator didn't enable a field to be synced, it's never highlighted in yellow, and it can't be synced.

  5. (Optional) Select Save compare view.

  6. If this view doesn't give you enough information to determine whether or not you want to sync something, select Detailed compare view for the items you want to compare. This opens a Detailed Compare View window.

    You see individual changes that were made with the old text highlighted and in red and the new text underlined and in green. You can synchronize the data by selecting the green arrow, or select the pencil icon to manually edit the content of the fields. Select Save when you're done.

  7. Select Back to go back to the initial window where you can select synced items.