Jama Connect User Guide

Reuse and synchronization

With reuse and synchronization you can duplicate supporting information for any item, container of items, or even a project and continuously keep it in sync.

Supporting information can include the entire item, item fields, item widget information (relationships, tags, attachments), related items, child items, project details, and other information. You can choose how much of this you want to include when you reuse items. Duplicate is a simple way to reuse information.


Attachment links are synchronized, not attachment content.

When items are synchronized, they receive a global ID that they share regardless of where they are located in the system. You can synchronize the items that you reuse, or connect existing items so that they can be maintained in parallel.

To keep track of synchronized items, use the Sync items window where you can compare items and decide how to update synchronized items.


Reuse and synchronization can require significant memory. This is especially true if your organization has a large Jama Connect database and has heavy reuse or synchronization use.