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Jama Connect User Guide

Enable or disable item widgets

Widgets are small embedded applications that add functionality to item types.


You must have organization admin permissions to complete this task.

Available widgets include:

To enable or disable widgets:

  1. Select Admin > Organization, then select Item types.

  2. Select Edit in the row of the item type where you want to enable or disable widgets.

  3. To enable a widget, select the widget's name in the Inactive widgets column to move it to the Active widgets column.

    Each widget in the Active widgets column has a synchronize toggle button next to its name (gray = disabled; black = enabled).


    Adding the relationship widget automatically also adds the Relationship Status Indicator. They can’t be used separately.

  4. To indicate that a widget can be synchronized, select its synchronize toggle button

    Image shows add/edit item type window with an arrow pointing to the sync icon.


    If you disable synchronization for a specific widget, when an item of that type is synchronized, that widget isn't included in synchronization, nor is that widget taken into account when sync status is calculated.

  5. To disable a widget, select the X next to the widget's name in the Active widgets column.

  6. Select Save.