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Jama Connect User Guide

Importing from Excel

You can use the Excel Import Wizard to import data into Jama Connect from a Microsoft Excel document. This process is called a one-way Excel import. You can also export existing data from Jama Connect to an Excel template, then update the data in Excel as needed, and import it back into Jama Connect. This called an Excel round-trip.

To ensure a successful import, your Excel worksheet must be created and formatted for the specific type of data (items, test cases, item relationships) that you want to import.

For items and test cases, your worksheet indicates item hierarchy — how items are nested — as folders, parent items, or child items. You can use color or indentation to define hierarchy.

When importing items, your worksheet can include only one item type. If you need to import more than one item type, you must create a separate worksheet for each item type and import each worksheet separately.


If you are familiar with how to prepare an Excel file for import, go to the tasks Import items, Export/import via Jama Connect-to-Excel round trip, and Import relationships.

Recognized file types

Jama Connect imports data from Excel files with these extensions: .xlsx, .xls, and .csv.


An import from a file with a .csv extension doesn't create folders or hierarchy. Only .xlsx and .xls files create folders and hierarchy.