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Jama Connect User Guide

Preparing a worksheet to import items

Before importing items from your Excel worksheet, make sure it contains all the necessary elements for a successful import.

  • One item type per worksheet. If you have more than one item type to import, create a separate worksheet for each type.

  • Header row with field names

  • Valid pick list options

    If importing into a Jama Connect pick list field, make sure the values in your Excel worksheet exactly match the available values in the Jama Connect field.

  • Date format

    When including dates in text-formatted cells, always format dates like this:

    mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss Z (example: -0800, +1000, +0700) where Z is the time zone difference from GMT.

  • Roundtrip

    If importing to update existing items in Jama Connect, you must use a spreadsheet generated from Jama Connect when you select the Excel Export for Roundtrip option.

    Create a baseline before a round-trip export/import process, in case you need to restore old data.