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Jama Connect User Guide

User groups

User groups are an efficient way to manage notifications, permissions, access, and actions for multiple users at a time.

A user can be assigned to multiple groups.

Groups allow you to efficiently accomplish many tasks:

Types of groups

Jama Connect includes two types of groups:

  • Organization group — These groups have no project context and are available to all projects in the organization when adding permissions.

  • Project group — These groups are created in the context of a project and are available to that specific project when adding permissions.

Jama Connect comes with several predefined organization groups and project groups. For example, the group Organization Admin is a default group that has organization and project rights.

Group names

You can create and name groups based on users' roles, permissions, or position. For example, you can name groups by:

  • Internal structure — Job title, work group

  • Access permission — Read only, read/write

  • Roles — Reuse admin, review admin, project admin


If you use signer roles for electronic signatures, signer roles for electronic signatures, the group name is used as the signer role.

Actions for each admin type

The type of admin you are determines your ability to manage groups:

  • Organization admin — Add, delete, and edit user groups available to all projects.

  • System admin — Add groups.

  • Project admin — Add groups at a project level.

  • User admin — Manage members of a group where you are also a member.